Sunday, October 5, 2014

One-Year Milestone

Appointments of Divine Favor “For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live].” (Ephesians 2:10, AMP) God has already prepared paths for you to take in your future! When God laid out the plan for your life, He lined up the right people, the right circumstances and the right breaks. In your future, He’s already released favor, supernatural opportunities and divine connections. The breaks you need in life have already been preordained to come across your path. If you will stay in faith and go out each day and be a person of excellence, you’ll walk right into these appointments of favor. It will be just as if you stumbled into God’s blessings! When you really understand this principle, you’ll begin to get excited about every single day! You’ll have a spring in your step as you think about what blessing is coming next. It could be today. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week. Keep expecting. Keep believing. Stay focused on the fact that God has already released into your future everything you need to fulfill your destiny. Start declaring seasons of increase over your life. Declare that favor is on you and look for those appointments of divine favor! A PRAYER FOR TODAY Father, thank You for prearranging a good life for me. Thank You for ordering my steps and directing my path. Help me to understand Your goodness more so that I can know You and stay close to You all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen. — Joel & Victoria Osteen As I read the above passage from a brother's FB wall, I am reminded of God's Divine Favour, not only for the past one year but how things had to happen to activate these Blessings. Many a times, when I pray, I expect immediate answers. Yes, they do happen. However, I learnt not to override God's timing for I may have the requests answered (I thought so), often, the price to pay was higher. I have learnt to wait for his Time for in Isaiah 40:31, in His Divine time, I shall soar on wings like eagles; I will run and not grow weary, I will walk and not be faint. As I rejoice this one-year with Nice, I remind myself of God's Favours, sending many people to fulfil this childhood dream. Thank UFM1003, Nick and Mr Kua for without their help and ingenuity, it could have been an unfulfilled dream. Thank God for my family and friends for the love showered upon Nice. Thank God also for friends who took time off their busy schedule, walked with us at busy malls and streets in the initial months to help me ensure she concentrated on her work and picking from the floor has been much reduced. Many people had crossed paths with me. Before she came into my life, conversations tended to be, "Where you want to go?", or "Why you come out alone. Where is your family? Do you know it is dangerous to come out alone?" I even overheard, "Very koliang hor. Blind also have to work ah. Noone help her."After she arrive: "How much you buy this dog for?", "She can go up bus, MRT and taxi ah!", "Such a beautiful dog". one instant, a lady came running to us exclaiming, "You were about to bang a pillar but it amazed me when the dog led you away. Do you know a pillar is so close by?" and many more. I am glad these encounters are opportunities to educate about guide dogs too. Thanks to GDA whose GDMI and O&M instructors helped strengthen the O&M skills to go about independently, with or without a guide dog from 2008 to mid 2012 although there was a one-year break inbetween. I read somewhere that most guide dog teams will break down or fail in the first year without active GDMI support. Thank God for taking us through this one year filled with fun, excitements, unknown journeys, and of course, not forgetting to instill discipline for her and myself for it takes two hands to clap. I look forward to the many unknowns we will trudge together, my faithful partner, Nice. Many times, I wanted to throw in the towel when you wanted your way and disciplined just didn't seem to work. Thank God for the full support the Eye Mate is giving. Advice is always prompt to come when they observe we weren't doing something right. Miki San is always in touch, via FB, emails and phone chats. As a commitment, Shotaro Hara San came in April to assess and strengthened certain techniques which I wasn't doing right. Although I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know God holds my future firmly in His Hands and protects us under the shadow of His Wings. Yes, we are His Workmanship, created to do Good Works. God's gift of Nice is for His Divine purpose in which I never fail to recognise. Her gentle, sweet and good nature has indeed melted and will melt many hearts, including 2-year-olds. Last evening, while taking evening walk, a daddy with his boy came along. He exclaimed, "Such a beautiful dog. Can I touch?" The daddy approached in which I consented. Before he left, said, "We are friends, ok." What a wonderful boy! This was only one encounter. More adventures to come!!! Nice, I love you for you have enhanced my independence and travels to a whole new level. Let us go on educating people about your work and helps our society to be more acceptable to guide dogs as alternative aids. Happy first anniversary to us:)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hello! I Am Back

Life has become more exciting and more meaningful after the last blog since July 2013. Seemed like so long ago that I might have forgotten about the blogsite which I have been updating since 2007. Please bear with me as this may be quite a long post as I try to recollect the happenings for the last 13 months. You may recall from time to time from earlier posts of unsuccessfully acquiring a guide dog with the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind. I gave my best in the assessment in December 2012 in which I was uprightly rejected and disqualified. Hence, with the initiation of Nick, Cheng hock and Kendra (who passed on on 1 August), agreeing to go on the programme with me, we successfully raised $20,000 through UFM1003. We were invited to go on air on 13 December 2012 in which the funds was raised within 24 hours. Thanks UFM1003, the donors and Nick who turned this dream into reality. This sum of money was not to acquire or buy guide dog, but is used to support in the maintenance of the guide dog should unforeseen situations arise. Mr Kuaalso gave a breakdown of how the sum might be utilized, including the air fare and accommodation of the assessor (guide dog mobility instructor) who needed to visit Singapore to study the environment besides assessing my suitability of using a guide dog as a mobility aid, my travelling and accommodation expenses for staying one-month in the school and so on. He also qualified that it would take about one year to source for a suitable guide dog from an international accredited school. With this sum ready, we embarked on the next stage—to source for a guide dog school which would be willing to give a free guide dog. As Cheng Hock has great connection internationally, he took on the task. He approached schools from Japan to USA to Europe—Norway. However, futility was staring at us for the first five months. In mid May, he rang me and said, “Lee Lee, I still don’t have good news yet. The Norwegians wanted to give but had not heard from them. A school in USA was willing to give pups but not trained guide dogs. I had written to Japan but no reply. We may have to settle for the worse”. Although I resigned to the fact and that I might have to return the money to the donors by the end of 2013, I still continued to pray for an open door. When I picked up the phone on the evening of 28 May, Cheng Hock’s voice came through delivering the good news with excitement that Eye Mate Inc Japan would be sending an instructor in the next few days to assess my suitability of acquiring a guide dog. I was elated and we met with Alvin at Swensens in Parkway Parade the next day to discuss plans as it was confirmed that Mr Shotaro Hara would arrive on 4 June and depart on 7 June. Eventually, we put him up at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore, not only because the hotel was having a promotion but I was familiar with the area and would be confident to take him around the vicinity. Thank God that SIA was running promotion too. Mr Shotaro Hara arrived on 4 June, hence,, upon completion of some formalities and paperwork, I took him around Singapore for the subsequent two days. While we trravelled on buses for the assessment on 5 June, we took the MRT on the 6. Proper assessment commenced after he visited my home to assess if the environment was suitable to accommodate a guide dog. Aaron came to pick us at the Toa Payoh Hub, proceeded to the Rochor Road Bean curd for some light snacks. We then went to the Marina Barrage in which He took more pictures of the scenery from the rooftop in which we could get a bird's eyeview of the island of Singapore. He took care of his own dinner for the evening, window shopping around the vicinity. On June 6, After meeting him, walked around the Parkway Parade perimeter. We then took a bus to a train station. I showed him the intricacies of our rail network. Our last stop was at Lucky Plaza to pick up some souvenirs. We had a sumptuous dinner at GuMaJia Restaurant in which Kendra was the star for the evening. Gwyn, the boss brought her son specially to capture a shot with her. When he departed on 7 June, he assured me that I qualified but was to wait for an official email from Mr Takao Shioya, the president. His parting words, “You are all ready to go. I am thinking of the dog I have for you in Japan now.” He added, “We don’t have class from August to September because it is too hot to train. You will come in September if all goes well”. Cheng Hock then advised him with regards to the procedure of importing a guide dog into Singapore, which included the compulsory vaccinations for the dog and the documents needed to be approved by AVA before the guide dog touched down at Changi Airport. The confirmation email arrived on 26 June from Mr Takao Shioya and Notes for the walking nstruction arrived on 9 August, the same day that we booked the air ticket. Thank Cheng Hock and Takao San for making the arrangements; for Cheng Hock told me, "Lee Lee, I don't want you to be bogged down with logistics. I'll handle this for you. You just go, train and come back with your guide dog. You have waited all these years seize this opportunity." I jetted off from T3 on SQ636, having sent off by mother, brotehr, maid and Collette, arrived at Haneda International Airport at 6Am Tokyo time. As I was earlier by 30 minutes, a mandarin-speaking ground crew accompanied me till Till Shotaro San showed up at 6:30am. I was greeted by cold winds as it was autumn. Excitement overtook the chill and I asked many questions travlling in his car. Later did I know that training to walk without a cane commenced upon arrival at the school. The cane was confiscated and I was supposed to follow his verbal queue. He would be my instructor for the next one month. While at lunch, he said, “we will go shopping in a while”. It wasn’t exactly a shopping trip per say. He assessed my ability to cross streets and intersections without audible signals at traffic junction and taught some queues I am to issue my guide dog for a good working relationship for the years to come. While touring the facility, walked by the kennel. Shotaro San’s intention was to slide open a little window so I may get a glimpse of the environment. Lo and behold! A dog on training hurriedly sped towards our direction. It greeted me and was instantly instructed to go back. I don't know if I was excited or couldn't accustom to the time there, I woke up at 2:30Am Singapore time. As the regular bathroom would not be operational till after 7:00 a.m., I was directed to use the smaller one. Breakfast was quite sumptuous for I don’t eat so much even at home. It was to be a daily affair. I needed to butter the bread , to be accompanied by a cup of tea and a cup of yoghurt. At 10:30 a.m. we gathered and everyone—instructors and trainees introduced ourselves. The lesson “Don’t Free” was kind of interesting for I was taught handling the leash and harness. I never knew there were so many ways to direct, using the leash in different positions and methods. Rfer to the picture to understand. Different correction techniques require the handler to hold the leash and harness differently. Japanese curry rice, salad and oranges was the menu for lunch. The sun was glaring as I walked without using a white cane for the first time. The different verbal queues were the orders as we walked through three intersections with Shotaro San playing Juno. Every training will have pictures taken for keep sake as permission was granted by the school and my fellow trainees, all of whom were receiving their 2nd or 3rd guide dogs. Among them, Ms Michiko could converse in English, be it limited and I limited Japanese. Certain days, we shared the communal bathing facility due to the lack of time for life was quite regulated. I shall follow up with subsequent post with regard to my training and Life after Nice becomes apart of me.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Adventure in Waiting

June and July had been exceptional months. I took on a new project--painting! Painting? I hear you! You are right. Having visited Did/a>, Jeremy and Sharon decided to take Uncle William and myself into the journey of colours. Although Uncle Willian was excited at the beginning, due to family restriction, he opted out. Nonetheless, I would not allow this to deter me and onward we march.

Arteastiq@the Mandarin Gallery provided the unique ambiance. So far, the photos posted on FB were very encouraging. You may ask, "How do you paint? You have no inclination or the concept of colours". No worries, Sharon is very patient and we use acrylic paint, which is easily washable. The combination of fingers and brushes make the paintings unique in themselves. These art pieces would be auction for charitable causes. Jeremy and Sharon would advise me on the colour combinations and the quantity to dish out so the colour combinations will be just right.

Another milestone will take place in September. Will update when the time is appropriate. However, I am eagerly anticipating for the moment to arrive.

Before this defining moment, August 17 will see SouthEast Asia's first Concert in Darkness at Scape Warehouse. Local celebrities and guides from Did/a> come together for a fun-filled and musical unique evening.

The paradise Kingdom Team had opportunities to minister in four churches in Johore from 28-30 June. All sessions were well attended. All of us knew the Holy Spirit was at work for we had such unity that never took place before this. Every session, the Holy Spirit will give us insights what to share and we were joined by a new emcee--Ying Jie. because Melvin had other engagements. The last session was for a banquet of 180 guests. This information wasn't made known to us. I was given the honour to roll the ball first. I asked the Holy Sprit how to get the attention as it was a sit-down dinner. His reply, "Ask them if you are beautiful," in which I laughed. After giving much thought and confirming with Him I went ahead. True enough, throughout the 20 minutes or so, no cutlery sounds were heard. They were all listening attentively. Praise God that all went well. Although we reached home past midnight, it was all worthwhile. Praise God!

Being alumnus of FCBS, we were invited to attend sharings by special guest--one of which was Pastor David Damien. I came home with a greater desire to serve God, learnt that worship does not necessarily need the accompaniment of music or instruments. It must arise from our hearts.

10 participants were invited by 938Live for a focus group discussion on 20 July, in which I was among them. We were given a tour of the studio and made new friends.

Thank God for giving me the opportunity to be an internet VJ. I had interviewed four groups of guests and the trailer was also completed. It will go on the airwaves of soon. Please tune in.

That's all for now. Till the next post....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Extraordinary but Unexpected Two Months

Since I left off in early March, much had taken place. Firstly, our Gospel sharing sessions on the 29 and 30 March (Good Friday and Easter Sunday) saw many giving their lives to Christ. We were rejoicing with the new believers who approached and wanted to know more of our stories. An encouragement was a sister even approached me to buy my CD. Upon hearing I have not released any, I could feel her disappointment. Thank God for bringing more sponsors to support the Paradise Kingdom team. Bonafides Beauty was the latest addition to come on board. Each of us was given ten sessions of skin care with products and haircare. My appreciation to Ms Sylvia's generosity.
In March, Sleep-Ezy also supported us in which we gave our testimonies about two weeks ago, having used the pillow for about three months. With this pillow, I am now able to enjoy uninterrupted sleep and am able to drift at ease into lala land. Work with Whizheartz Edu-Centre gave me lots of opportunities to meet and made new friends. I was rewarded with the first pay check from the wonderful Minds from Lenny who I helped to co-ordinate the preview session of the Fingerprint signs at the Singapore Management University in early April. This came about after Mr Carl Lim wrote an article in LianHeZaoBao on 26 March. The responses was overwhelming, which even surprised Ms Leny herself. DiD will be holding the Concert in Darkness (CID) which evolved from the inaugural Music an the Dark (Mid) last year. This year, I took on a more proactive role as one of the performers. With Kelvin as my coach, I saw a tremendous improvement in my vocal prowess and technique. Of course, all these improvements would not have been possible without the patient coaching of XiaHui laoshi too. While Kelvin trained me to sing like an artiste of the 90s, my confidence had been boosted with each practice session. Just went through the second formal assessment yesterday, a result I was rather satisfied with, after all the unintentional yelling and shouting, taking a group of secondary students who were told by their teacher they were a bunch of students with no hope, now that they were condemned into the Normal Technical Stream. I was appalled upon hearing this. I used my personal story to hopefully encourage them to pursue their dreams and ambitions. As teachers nowadays attain better education, their role is to promote learning, encouragement and boosting the confidence of students instead of demoralising and condemning them. What kind of training the National Institute of Education and Ministry of Education give to so-called potential educators? My trip to visit Mike was postponed till God knows when especially as he is busy these days. Viola had resigned from FCBC with the intention to return to Hong Kong to be with her family. I wish her well in her future endeavours. I accompanied her to see doc Tham for the final time to ensure all's well on 14 May. As little Jayden was been awarded there, dropped in to pay him a visit. I was glad to learn that he had recovered from a persistent fever. He was back to his cheerfrul self again. My mom, brother and sister took a short trip to the Ghenting Highlands from 7-9 May in which I was running the show at the home front, constantly calling home to check on the FDW, especially when we were out at work. Thank God for protection for nothing major cropped up. On 26 May, with the dedication of Jeremy and Sharon, I took on Acrylic painting as a new learning journey. Although it was meant to be an abstract form of painting, my Facebook friends complimented me for an excellent job and could make up it was a stalk of lily, which is still blooming in my home. I am eagerly looking forward to the next painting session. I was thrilled when the manager of the Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery asked to take a photo of the painting. Thank God for such a fabulous opportunity that I now can play with colours which has been one of my dreams. Since a child. I was given crayons, colour pencils and magic pens to play with but was never taught that they could create wonders. I rejoiced with KaiYu who told me that she attained an A1 score for her literature paper in the mid-term exams. This is a great booster as I am now more confident to take more students should the opportunity come by. Tilda also did quite well, despite only having two lessons. I joined Colette and her family for a concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 19 April by the Holam Gospel Singers from the USA. We were greatly blessed and ministered by the songs and their way of presentation. Even her niece had a fun time too. I'll end off this post with a sad note in which two friends were taken into Glory, Andrew on the 25 April and Wendy Ng, 30 April. Although we felt these were untimely deaths, who can fathom the Wisdom of God? I nearly recessed into depression, wrote to Doc Tham led to believe I was going through perimenopause. Thank God he rescued me in time. I believe that when I write the next post, my trigger finger would be healed . Shall end here for now.Till the next post.....

Sunday, March 3, 2013


March 2013 is here. Time really waits for no one. I deliberately refused to make any concrete plans for 2013 having gone through the episodes last year, fully aware God will. Indeed, He is really amazing. After the Christmas events, the Paradise Kingdom Team has been receiveing more invites from churches.

Furthermore, the Make Over Inc (Ms Brenda Goh) through Ms Agnes Tay, AT Marketing Consultancy gave the whole team a new look on January 25. The pictures were really gorgeous. Not only that, Ms Carol Chiam arranged Ms Xia Hui as the vocal coach for Tan Lily and myself. Although only had two lessons, I found myself singing with more conviction and confidence as I employ the techniques consciously.

On 28 February, we were invited by the  Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for food tasting session at the new dining concept—restaurant at  Ngee Ann City ( BeanStro by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). The delicacies were unique both in their presentation and tastes. Check it out here.

I rejoice that the Paradise Kingdom Team is increasing in numbers so we could travel more places to share the Good News with the lost. Our next two engagements will be happening on the Good Friday cum Easter weekend in Johore Bahru and Singapore. Do see our Facebook page for details and come join us!

As I mentioned earlier that I had not made any plans for 2013 but God opened up an opportunity to partner Whizheartz, a four-year-old SME founded by Nick Sim and his friends. We had a few meetings with potential clients and trainers. We are in the midst of drafting proposals to conduct training/motivation programmes be it onn short or long term contracts. Nick, Jeremy and myself will hold weekly meetings via Skype to monitor progress and outcomes. Should you or your organisation wants to organise such events of motivation with the difference, feel free to contact us.

Thank God that after taking nearly one year of the Fit Solution, my health is improving. I recorded in December 2012 that no new growth had been found but the good news is that I feel that I am losing the excess baggage in a positive manner with a significant improvement in my thalassemic condition. I no longer suffer from breathlessness when climbing the overhead bridge and going on brisk walks. I managed to introduce to Ing Ing and her sister, Ben, Lily and Dorothy. Hopefully, they would also see and feel the improvement in their health overall. If God willing, I hope He will open a door for this to be an income stream for me.

January and February saw two first. In the past eight years, I had no inclination and urge to send a Chinese new year hamper to Doc Tham. However, a voice kept prompting, “you must send him a hamper, regardless the amount”. Obeying, diligently did my research and “da!!!” called Bevien. The company she is working for carried the hamper I was thinking for which was within my budget. I called Sister Nina, his assistant to enquire after something and she told me the hamper was very beautiful.

The second first: I ordered some Chinese new ear goodies from Ean with the intention to consume them. However, God spoke and I cheerfully gave them to Monica who told me they tasted delicious. Thank God my obedience reaped positive results. Monica surprised me when she gave me a new iPhone cover on 6 February when we met in ex as she said mine was wearing off. It felt so cool with youths telling me it looks funky and nice. I also took the opportunity to have dinner with Tommy and Tilda who met us there. Thank you.

Nick gave me the opportunity to attend the Family Constellations held from31 January to 3 February via a kind sponsorship from Jonathan. It was an interesting as it models the “Encounter weekends” without involving spiritual elements. I really learnt a lot about myself and my mindset. Slowly, but surely I am becoming more positive and energetic. I also treasured the opportunities of making new friends and acquaintances. 

I also met up with Alvin, Seretta (the second guide dog handler), Sherrie and Ying at Swensons in Parkway Parade on 30 January. We had almost three hours of catch-ups, a rare opportunity. On the same day, Claudia and I met at the AMK Hub where she blessed me with two sets of clothes for the Lunar new year. It was kind of surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.

I initiated a meet-up with MayXiang Jie on 4 February at the new Rediffusion office. Although the renovation was ongoing, the environment felt cosy. It was a good catch-up time. Nowadays, we communicate via Facebook very often.

Eileen, Annie and I had a wonderful lunch at Tamiko Tokyo at the Keppel Bay. Its environment was very inviting with man-made nature surrounding its exterior. Both of them caught great shots which I wish I could post them here. The dish we ordered was excellent both appealing to the eyes and appetising to the mouth and tummy. A company had their "lo Hei" there. We were caught up in their celebratory atmosphere  too. They must be celebrating Lunar new year lunch. We wished Agnes could join us. Perhaps, the next time.

On 8 February, I finally met up with Rui Lan. I said "finally" because we had lost touch for more than 20 years. Thanks to Colin from Ocean Butterflies because her son, Elton was one of the finalist of the V Singers. They had a show in the Scape and Rui Lan wanted me to come along. Although Elton was only 15 years old, his singing was powerful. Jiayou Elton, you can go very far. Glad I went for I received a surprised from Colin--the six cds which my mom accidentally discarded on 8 September 2004. Praise God, I now have a brand new set. Although Colin was surprised at my appearance, he presented me and my photo albums which he kept for almost two years.

 In January, Weng Yew conveyed that we were asked to volunteer to shoot a promo trailer for FCBS. Betsy, Joanna, Zechariah, Denise, Mirabel, MeiYunn, Weng Yew and myself volunteered on February 5. With Sharil as the director, we had a wonderful evening in which Pastors Tai Tong and Kang Ying were present throughout, supervising the whole procedure. When the trailer was aired last weekend, it turned out to be hilarious and hearty laughters rung throughout the auditoriums of Touch Centre and Touch Community Theatre. My prayer is that God would send more people to give off 2-4 months of their time this year to equipped themselves in His Word.

Work at Dialogue in the Dark went on as usual, with badge eight of interns to begin their internship tomorrow. The student interns so far have been a fun group, learning to work with us and vice versa.

Since October last year, After Mr Carl Lim of ZaoBao wrote an article, I have been getting invites for media coverage. The last article carried in the Zaobao on February 17 sparked another media showcase—"Secret in the Hood"—a new programme of Channel U.

Sherelene called Sing Yee the Ops Manager and the producer would visit DiD next Saturdayy. She also have the intention to attend the event of the Paradise Kingdom on 30 March.

On 13 January, I was invited by Nick, going on his evening programme at It was a quiet evening and really enjoyed the casual chat session.

O yes! How could I forget the Lunar New Year which fell on 10 February this year. It was a quiet affair for me, apart from the first day in which relatives gathered at my home. All of us went to my sister's on the third day. It ended on a high note with relatives coming on the 14th day in commemoration of my late grandma's 30 death anniversary.

In the home front, we have engaged the service of an Indonesian FDW since January 8 and she is coping well so far. Apart from the language miscommunication at times, she is doing well. Hope she will stay on. This is all for this round. More to come as the year progresses.

Monday, December 31, 2012

What is 2012 to me?

2012 had been a year of unexpectancies filled with surprises. In my January post, recalled I had so much hope that when Doc Tham's verdict for surgery was final on February third, uncertainties set in. I recalled was gathering information of how I might volunteer with Singapore International Foundation having attended their talk in January at the Arts House. I went with Dorothy who I have been praying for the healing of her right eye as a result of a nasty fall in September 2011 and her "craving portal" project.

After the myomectomy and the contract with Save22 concluded in February, God had the idea that I'd be equipped in the FCBS which I prayerfully obeyed. As I could not afford the fees for ACCM, God opened the Way. I paid $100 for the whole course in which I had benefited much in many aspects--including persecution. Praise God! Thank God for sending many young people in our midst for I have been greatly encouraged through them. Their never-ending energy, enthusiasm and zeal was so contageous that it still spurs me on to do things for God. The teachings by the pastors and marketpplace ministers also taught me much. It was a very wonderful interesting journey in which I learnt what a mission trip was all about. In fact, we felt it was more of a rest and relaxation outing led by Pastors Kang Ying, Catherine Foo and James Sng.

We went to Blakang Padang, an island in Batam in which We saw "Singapore" in the 1960s to 1980s. Although it was only from 13-14 July, we learnt much. Upon the completion of FCBS, God immediately opened the door to be part of the ministry team "Paradise Kingdom", formed by Sister Carol Chiam. Praise God for opening doors to five churches both in Singapore and Johore Bahru in which the mighty power of the Holy Spirit touched many lives who received Him as their Lord and Saviour. We only shared our testimonies in which God worked miracles. We are only His instruments, 2 Tim 2:20-21, "In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for special purposes and some for common use. Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work". I know I am still being moulded by His hand that in time to come, I can fulfil His higher calling in my life. The same goes for Gilbert, Dominic, Abel, Auntie May, Tan Lily, David, Melvin, Nick and Sister Carol. Keep praying for each other.

On 20 December, I ran into a Thai lady who confessed that she was on her way to commit suicide. Thank God for His Wisdom that I talked her out of it, sharing God's love with her. I pray that as He used me to sow the seed, He will send someone to reap the harvest.

God opened doors in May and October in which sister Carol and I shared our testimonies at the Global Business Network and the Bukit Arang Church in which many business people and Mr Seah Kian Ping were touched through the move of the Holy Spirit.

Rene and I have been praying for each other these years since 2008. Thank God that He not only delivered him from a debt in which he did not owe but also blessed him with a job in China. Rene: if you happen to read this, still praying for you. May 2013 bring you greater success.

Thank God for Facebook in which I can still communicate with my cousin, Amy who migrated to the USA with her husband and girls. I realised we communicated more nowadays then when she was living here. Amy, keep safe and healthy.

The workfront saw several positive changes. Dialogue in the Dark remained constant, gave a few motivation talks on my own accord, has been blessed with a tutoring opportunity with KaiYu through Mr Carl Lim's article carried in Lianhezaobao on 16 October. I started a temp assignment with YuZhen Jie since Mmid September. She has been instrumental in ensuring my health improves after the myomectomy for she has been tirelessly seeking sponsors so I can continue taking the Fit Solution having seen and heard my testimony.

Praise God! This December was sort of different in which I was treated to at least eight feasts with the good news from Doc Tam that no new growth has been detected. Praise God that my next appointment will be in December 2013. I also had the opportunity to refer several friends to him who were very satisfied and happy with his services.

Meeting up with Samuel, Vera, Natasha, David and Eliot was the most joyous highlight for the month. The children had indeed grown, more matured  and learnt to care for one another. The parents confided that by giving the opportunity to stay abroad helped them to treasure what they have and own now. They shared that a bear nearly rampped down their door one night when Samuel attempted to capture a shot of it. It was a black bear. When he noticed flashes of light, it made a dash. Fortunately, his home was spared.

PangYing Jie and I met in Coffee Bean at the Rail Mall on 30 December in which we had a good catch-up session despite her busy schedule. We agreed to keep each other in prayer.

 I ended 2012 with a late meal at Pasta Mania with Jaafar, in which we had a great catch-up opportunity, returning home in time to watch the count down on tv with my mother. I have been blogging of acquiring a guide dog year in year out yet, no good news. Encouraged by friends, I returned to GDA in May but was told on 17 December that GDV deemed I am not suitable to have a guide dog at this point in time. Thank God, while a door closes, another window opens. Hopes this dream can turn into fruition in 2013 by His Divine Plan.

Although 2012 had not turned out to be as I expected, it was still a year I would remember. HongYi said in January that God will shake the whole world and it would begin with his children. Never in my wildest dream have I expected I would be one of those.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

July-Sept 2012--Eventful and Interesting

The last post in June was short but captured what happened during the 2nd quarter. I made a lot of friends while studying at the Faith Community Bible School, (FCBC). I thank God that the church subsidised 90% of the course and I learnt insightful lessons from all the pastors and marketplace ministers. I now know I must be an effective instrument for God, if sharing the Gospel is not possible, using my personal testimony is an effective tool too. God spoke Words which I released to bless others, for example, in July the Holy Spirit prompted me to write to Dr Tham which I procrestinated for 4 weeks. When I finally obeyed, was surprised at the reply that came back. God is using me to be an intercessor, not only to pray for others but also to stand by them. The practicum of the course gave me more boldness to share Christ with others, which I did not have the courage to do so prior to the course.

 Although financially tough, God blessed me unexpectedly during the few instances, while going to work, people would pay for my taxi fares when I asked them for help to see bus number and unexpected love gifts of finances. God is good for He brought employers to offer me part-time jobs, with the completion of FCBS. I pray that God would help me to manage my time wisely, so I may glorify His name through my performance. Alvin had a mild stroke on 4 July but did not incapicitate him.

Thank God, he is still able to work and he allowed me to pray for him when he was hospitalised. I enrolled again with GDA in the quest for a guide dog. Thank Lisa, the O&M instructor who helped to perfect a few routes so I can travel more independently. All my dogs had been adopted, except one who is 3 months old. He is very sticky and adorable. My mum celebrated her 71 birthday last Saturday in which all the little ones had as much a great time catching up, like the adults.

 My Cousin, Amy migrated to the USA with family in August and I wish her all the best there. I also pray that the children could adapt to the environment and school, making new friends, at the same time not to forget her friends and relatives here. God, I commit my uncle and auntie into your hands; that you will be with them and heal them of the stroke and nerve problems. Lord Jesus, strengthen every cell, tissue, organs, the circulatory system, that they would eventually be able to manage themselves so cousin Lee Cheng can go look for a new employment and cousin Lee Ngoh can work with a peace of mind. I also pray for our families that you will visit those who are yet to know you that you will claim them for your Kingdom. I pray all these in Jesus' Name, Amen.